The world’s first ephemeral hotel

We will each spend an average of only 700,000 hours on Earth. Time is precious. Too precious to miss out on experiences that can transform how we see the world. This is the raison d’être of 700’000 Heures: a pioneering adventure that elevates communities while transporting you to an utterly new way of traveling. One that is more memorable, more meaningful and more human.

#TravelForGood. Good for people, Good for the planet, Good for purpose

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Le cercle des

Driven by insatiable curiosity and endowed with a limitless imagination, Thierry Teyssier created 700’000 Heures in 2018.

The world’s first itinerant hotel, 700’000 Heures welcomes you to discover a new destination across the continents every six months. Each time will be different. What stays constant is Thierry’s natural gift for finding singularly astonishing places, meeting extraordinary people and creating exceptional settings. Yet just like time, once it has passed, these moments cannot be replicated…700’000 Heures experiences are accessible only to a private community of members: le Cercle des Amazirs.

The history of DAEM

« Be the change you want to see in the world. » – Gandhi

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Gandhi’s words best express the motivation for creating DAEM. In each new destination, 700’000 Heures empowers locals to create our unique sanctuaries and to welcome you in these dream homes that exist within, not apart from, their community. Nothing we do for our global citizens would be possible without such talented and hardworking local people. To support those who live in these magnificent yet remote enclaves beyond the shadow of traditional tourism, 700’000 Heures set up a non-profit training program in hospitality and environmental protection named DAEM, which means ‘permanent’ in Persia.

Birth of the Constellation

To ensure long-lasting positive impact within these communities where we operate only ephemerally, members of 700’000 Heures encouraged us to initiate sustainable economic transformation. Starting in 2020, we do this by opening select houses of the 700’000 heures experience to the general public for the long term. 

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"Une volonté de s’affranchir des contraintes hôtelières, d’individualiser le service et de susciter l’imaginaire à travers des plaisirs simples."

Le Point

700'000 Heures provides not only one of the world’s most exclusive travel experience, but also a whole new way of thinking about hotels."

Destinasian Hong Kong

"700’000 Heures réinvente les codes du voyage et de l’hôtellerie avec l’ambition de ré-enchanter l’Hospitalité."

Le Figaro Magazine

“A radical new project is poised to disrupt the way we think about hotels”

Travel & Leisure

“Teyssier pushes guest-centric hospitality to a new level with his wonderful « wandering » hotel”

Condenast Traveler

“The idea is that a hotel is not an actual structure, but a state of mind, a series of experiences, a respite from your life”

The New York Times

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Thierry Teyssier
Man of the Hours

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