In the heart of the Peruvian rainforest

Did you know that 60% of Peru’s territory lies in the Amazon?

In the heart of the lungs of our planet, come and discover a tropical forest suspended between mountain (cloudforest) and river (rainforest).

Located near the village of Progreso, in the Cordilera Escalera, our lodge will serve as a base camp for all your activities, whether you are an adventurer or just a nature lover curious to discover all its secrets.

On the one hand, a 100-hectare forest estate with private rivers and waterfalls, allowing you to enjoy nature with all the comfort and security you are looking for.

On the other, an area encircled by national parks and primary forests into which you can delve to discover the wilder side. Will you be bold enough to spend one of your nights here and watch the sun rise over the surrounding mountains? Because that is our promise to you: a night in the heart of the forest, at the top of an observatory tower.

Unprecedented hospitality

700,000 heures Impact offers travelers the chance to experience the daily life of a community, to discover its rich heritage, the breadth of its culture and the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants.

An ambitious regeneration program for the forest

We will also take you to make your own chocolate in the heart of a cocoa plantation, harvest your honey from meloponid bees, tiny stingless wild bees that make the best and most sought-after honey in the world… You will also discover a local association that makes handmade paper from the forest’s plant fibers.

All these projects are part of a program of research and preservation of the forest, notably through reforestation activities and studies of biodiversity to better protect it. This is the case, for example, of a project to identify the animal and plant species living in the forest, based on DNA traces in the air. The installation of day and night cameras in more remote areas completes this study and will also be part of your experience.

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