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We make travel a force for good.
Regenerative Hospitality is a transformative journey inviting the traveler to discover and contribute to the preservation of local communities and the restoration of natural ecosystems.

What is regenerative hospitality?

Regenerative Hospitality is a radically different way of traveling, away from just consuming experiences and mitigating negative impact, towards regenerating places and sharing wisdom.

We believe that only micro-hospitality can be truly regenerative.

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality needs to be intentional, and to serve people and planet first.

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality supports local communities and places to reach their full potential while preserving their heritage and traditions.

We believe that travelers and local communities can mutually enrich each other when sharing authentic experiences and moments of truth.

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality should break silos and involve everyone seeking to improve the well-being of people and the planet: local communities, governments, climate activists, NGOs, development institutions, philanthropists, corporate organizations and travelers.

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality can and should contribute to:

  • Local economic development
  • Women empowerment
  • Protection of endangered cultural assets
  • Restoration of fragile natural ecosystems

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality can help shift consciousness, protect cultural heritage, empower communities, and preserve our planet.

700,000 heures Impact, a vision born from the association between 700,000 Heures and Regenopolis

700,000 Heures has developed since 2018 a new way of traveling, activating exceptional places in remote locations all around the world. Each journey was anchored in the life of local communities, nurturing and being inspired from indigenous cultures. It was time to go one step further and sustainably contribute to the challenges of local development and the preservation of nature.

Regenopolis has developed an expertise in contributing to the development of regenerative cities, communities and natural ecosystems in Africa, supporting local solutions contributing to climate action, biodiversity protection and community resilience.

700,000 Heures and Regenopolis joined forces to advocate, promote and develop the concept of Regenerative Hospitality around the world with an initial project in Morocco and further developments in Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Tizkmoudine, the first Regenerative Hospitality project developed by 700,000 heures Impact

Located in the South of Morocco, the Berber village of Tizkmoudine, initially earmarked for restoration by the government and the Global Heritage Fund a decade ago, is now hosting a unique Regenerative Hospitality project. 

For the traveler entering this ancient and abandoned desert village, it is a mesmerizing experience of immersive hospitality, authentic connections and contribution to the regeneration of the local community and the oasis around, through economic activities in arts & crafts, construction, food production, women empowerment, children education, the preservation of the village elders’ memory and traditions and the restoration of the palm grove.

Le Cercle des Amazirs

700,000 Heures welcomes travellers who are committed to discovering the world with authenticity.

Being an Amazir (which means “free man” in Berber) allows you to join a community of generous, curious people who are involved in building a new world: inclusive and promising.

By donating and staying with 700,000 Heures, Amazirs encourage and support the prosperity of the destinations they visit.

Contribute to our Regenerative Hospitality projects

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality has the power to change the world around us, by impacting positively and sustainably the people and our planet.

We are building a community of affinity and supporters, who share our vision and intention to heal the planet and contribute to the emergence of regenerative communities around the world.

Only together can we make this happen.

If you want to give time, please contact us.

If you want to donate, please click here.

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