Regenerative hospitality

The evolution of tourism

Close to 1.5 billion tourists travel each year on less than 5% of the planet, damaging ecosystems, and the social fabric of communities, often overlooking the wealth of local know-how and capturing most economic value.

We believe that Regenerative Hospitality epitomizes the shift needed from a production/consumption model to a positive loop of learning and sharing, where guests have a positive impact on the place they have visited.

“There is no time to lose. We need to rethink and reinvent tourism, and together deliver a more sustainable, prosperous, resilient future for all.”

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Regenerative Hospitality is a radically different approach to tourism, putting people and planet at the heart of the project, going beyond sustainability to leave places and communities in a better condition than before visiting.

The necessity of value creation for local communities

In developing countries, substantial financial resources are needed towards socio-economic development and the preservation of cultural assets and natural ecosystems. Yet, public aid is limited and governments struggle to provide responses to the needs of local population in the last mile.

We believe that the UN Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved through philanthropic- public-private partnerships, and the creation of wealth at community level.

Regenerative Hospitality is part of the response.

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